Our Achievements

  • In 1991 PT. Macananjaya Cemerlang started its business by printing school textbooks using simple printing machines. School textbooks have been the line of business of the publishers within our corporation. 

  • As a development step, in 1993 our company started to open up itself to respond to the growing demands and book printing orders from publishers other than those within our corporation.

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  • The storm of 1998 monetary crisis swept all kinds of business activities, including book publishing business. To survive the complication, our company earnestly and intensively sought orders from companies outside the corporation’s circle of network, dealing with more varieties of printing projects other than books.

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  • Along with the improvement of Indonesia’s economic condition, and equipped with the acquired printing experiences, since 2004 we began to handle a number of printing projects as ordered by Government Institutions.  The projects were among others from the General Election Commision (Komisi Pemilihan Umum/KPU) who ordered Ballot Sheets for election purposes, which covered Legislative Election, Presidential Election as well as Regional Election in a great number of cities, regencies as well as provinces throughout Indonesia.

  • The enthusiasm to expand the marketing areas and to strengthen the networking with the customers, since the year 2005 our company, through strategic steps, began to open Marketing Branch Offices in other cities namely Solo, Semarang, and Jakarta.

  • To develop and expand the marketing coverage, PT MACANANJAYA CEMERLANG was encouraged to penetrate foreign markets. In 2012, PT MACANANJAYA CEMERLANG began to participate in the printing projects of educational books for the markets in Afghanistan and the Philippines.

  • Further strategic measures for the company’s development were carried out in 2015. Aimed at increasing the production as well as warehousing capacities, a second production plant was constructed at Jombor Village, Ceper Sub District, Klaten Regency, Central Java Province.

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  • In 2016 our company acquired the following brands: W.C. Penfold, Bantex and Quill, which are three leading Australian companies in stationery business. W.C. Penfold, for instance has been a legendary stationery brand since 1830. Meanwhile, Bantex and Quill are among the top 10 biggest stationery industries in Australia.

  • To enhance production capacity, from 2017 through 2018, PT MACANANJAYA CEMERLANG took an investment step by purchasing new machines. This included 2 units of tower Web Offset Cut Off 630mm, 2 units of tower Web Offset Cut Off 546mm, 1 unit of line Perfect Binding, 1 unit of unit Thread Sewing, 2 units of Computer To Plate, 1 unit of UV Varnish, and 1 unit of unit Paper Folder.